{July 11, 2017}   Tar & Feather

Let’s be honest, conservative “countrymen” – you all know what you would be chanting if it was Hillary and Chelsea…

Do you intend to “make Russia great again…?”

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat




{March 12, 2014}   Sham I Am

Wow – we FINALLY know what Sarah Palin reads!                                                                                

sam i am


             ❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

{June 28, 2012}   SCOTUS!..stamp of approval!

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States finally came through for the cause of equity and justice by upholding the signature legislation of President Barack Obama’s first term – the healthcare reform bill. This decision – although not unanimous – somewhat atones for SCOTUS’s recent dubious decisions on Citizens United and the Arizona Illegal Immigration Law. And to all the far-right fanatics in leadership positions, who have called the president a liar and a socialist and tried to indoctrinate Americans with the fear of “death panels” – guess what…healthcare reform is CONSTITUTIONAL!! 

Tough guy, Republican House Speaker, John Boehner responded with, “The real outcome of today’s decision is to strengthen our resolve to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed.”

Republican House Majority Leader expressed his disappointment about the ruling with these ominous words: “The decision today really indicates we have entered an age in which the government will be controlling healthcare unless something changes.”

Give me a break, Mr. Cantor – YOU ARE the government and the “government” has certainly set themselves up with excellent healthcare coverage…and a great retirement package to boot! I want what you have!…you socialist…

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

{June 28, 2012}   Profiling

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down all of Arizona’s controversial immigration laws…except the most controversial provision. Now in Arizona, during a routine stop, an officer of the law is REQUIRED to check on the immigration status of those suspected to be in the country illegally. What considerations would the officer take into account – would the “suspects” look like this?

Just for fun, imagine if all our illegal immigration problems originated from our neighbors to the north – will law enforcement start checking the immigration status of people that look like this?

Hmmm….what do you think?

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

{June 22, 2012}   Freedom of Speech…?

So “Honey” and I just celebrated our 26th anniversary last night and decided to go to one of our favorite little Italian restaurants, that we have gone to over the years in a beautiful mountain setting, where we have vacationed many times. We started off with a romantic bottle of wine, gazed lovingly into each others eyes and started to recount all our precious memories when…the 25 to 30-something, young fellow seated directly behind “Honey”, and dining with his (I assumed) lady-love, start dropping the F-bomb. I don’t mean that he was angry about something and blurted out a swear word; I mean this guy was conversationally using the “F” word several times…per sentence! Personally, when I go to a restaurant, I like to keep my conversation discreet – so as not to disturb those around me, but this guy’s convo was too audible to be ignored.

“Honey” turned around and explained, “Excuse me, I respect your right to say anything you want, but please respect my right to enjoy my 26th anniversary dinner with my wife – minus the profanity.” I guess my gentlemanly husband expected an equally gentlemanly response, something along the lines of, “oh, sorry man – I’ll try to tone it down.”; but needless to say the outcome was not as positive as he had hoped for…

What is freedom of speech? Do we have the right to say whatever we want, whenever or wherever we want to? Falsely yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theatre has become tantamount to an act that goes beyond our constitutional guarantee of free speech. What about “hate” speech – would it have been less acceptable and would we have had more of a basis for objection if the young man in question was dropping the “N” word rather than the “F” word?

Recently, Middleborough, Massachusetts passed a law banning public swearing – “Supporters of the ordinance say the goal is to curb inappropriate language in public places, not to restrict people’s First Amendment rights. The idea is not to impose on private conversation, but end loud profanity from being uttered in the downtown areas and public parks.” This principle reminds me of the smoking rights controversy that was so prevalent in the 70’s to early 80’s. It was the smoker’s right to smoke vs the non-smoker’s right to breathe air free from cigarette pollution – where do you draw the line?

…so WOW, the response “Honey” got was, “Turn around Dude – go back to your anniversary.” Now my husband is a man with the patience of a saint, but even he has his limits…He calmly and quietly responded with, “First of all, I’m not your DUDE, but I can be, if you want to take this outside.” That seemed to shut down the incorrigible, little twerp and forced a begrudging apology; but as the couple scrambled to have their food packed in boxes, so they could make a swift departure; they seemed indignant and flabbergasted as if WE had somehow misbehaved!

I guess you can’t legislate consideration and you really can’t legislate conscience – so tell me young’uns – who was out of line?..the Generation Y “dude” or we OLD GEEZERS?!..I would really like your input!

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

{June 20, 2012}   UP IN SMOKE!

Many  of you have probably heard that there is a Colorado wildfire going on – wildfires are beginning to be the norm for summers in Colorado. Ten+ years ago Colorado was in severe drought, the stress of which predisposed all the beautiful evergreens covering the Rocky Mountains to the infestation of the demon pine beetle. Increasingly, thousands of dead pines are marring the “colorful” Colorado landscape and fast becoming ideal kindling for an errant lightning strike (or careless camper?). With drought conditions on the weather map again (WOW – who says there is no such thing as global warming), some of the highest temperatures on record, high winds and little rain in sight – it has been predicted that this fire may not be put out until this fall!!

Through coordinated efforts of the firefighters, the almost 2-week old fire is about 50% contained, as these heroes risk life and limb to save homes and lives from both the air and the ground. These are nameless heroes that protect the property and lives of their fellow citizens and the assets of their nation, simply because,…it’s their job.

If nobody in Congress has noticed – our Country is on fire and where in the hell are the heroes we elected to save lives, jobs, property, health and opportunity?…since it IS their job. I say we extinguish that fire this fall too!❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

I saw political pundit, Goldie Taylor, today reflecting on President Obama’s decision to STOP DEPORTING YOUNG ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BROUGHT TO THIS COUNTRY AS CHILDREN. She made a departure from the specifics of that issue to the general dilemma of our country not having a comprehensive resolution to illegal immigration. As a Georgian, she pointed out the disastrous effects of the crackdown on undocumented workers in her state and the desperate need for a guest worker program…because of “crops rotting in the fields.”

And may I add to Ms. Taylor’s case by saying…when powerless children are brought to this country through no fault of their own and are encouraged to stay in school, get good grades, stay away from gangs, be law-abiding citizens and then graduate high school only to find that they can’t get a social security number, a drivers license, a job or receive in-state tuition at an institution of higher learning…EVEN if they have lived in the same state their entire lives. When you have young, motivated, patriotic young people that can’t partake of all the rights and freedoms of the only country and home they have ever known and can’t contribute their intellect and talents to a country that – lets be honest – is stagnating in many regards – it is the same as CROPS ROTTING IN THE FIELDS…of American Dreams…

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

Although I have been remiss with my blogging commitment, I was compelled to post this tonight. Garth Brooks, one of the most prominent, popular and probably the highest earning country star ever, was taped about a year ago revealing his thoughts about President Obama. This interview is the perfect example of why you can never think you have someone pegged. I imagine the average liberal might assume that the typical country-western entertainer is a conservative Republican – but listen to what Garth Brooks has to say about our POTUS.

Can we get an endorsement, Garth!!

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

So “Honey” and I prematurely got used to our “empty nest”, but now our twins are home for the summer from college and our married daughter is visiting from out-of-state, having just finished her master’s degree…WOW, I can’t stay focused on any one thing for more than a few minutes – each of them wanting to tell me about their lives, ask me questions, help them with something…My husband says he can hear me being pulled in different directions all day long – while he often feels invisible with all the estrogen in the house. I’m supposed to be “employing” all of them with tasks – “Honey” and I have our own company and there is PLENTY to do – in fact, because I started blogging on February 1st, I’ve actually been somewhat remiss in my duties and I’m hoping all this young energy will help me dig out…but, alas – we aren’t getting much done. It has only been a week, so I still have hope; although my youngest (twin) had the nerve to ask after I helped her earlier with some math problems for a summer school course, “What is it exactly that you do all day, Mom?”

One thing the twins find particularly disturbing is all my attention to news regarding politics and the 2012 Presidential Campaign, saying that it is contributing to my stress (not them); while the oldest daughter adds to my information stream with her constant technological connection to her iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro – facebooking, twittering, and googling her way to minute-by-minute breaking news events, all the while advising me, “Hey Ma, you should blog about this!” – whew…

…so wish me luck this summer as I attempt to stay on task.

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

{May 21, 2012}   I was with you in SPIRIT…

I’m BAA-AACCKKK!..and after a week, I turned on my TV and found…

I tried to escape…but I couldn’t. And even with my brief absence (which I may explain later) ALL the players were still there!…Mitt, Obama, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, John Boehner, lovely Michelle, even former President George W. Bush – all still involved in a plethora of awesome shenanigans! WOW – the webs we weave…Never fear – even though I have been silent and unseen for at least a week – I have been with you in SPIRIT and hope to get my political mojo on track again.

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat

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