{May 12, 2012}   Party Pooper

Definition of a Party Pooper – a person who refuses to join in the fun of a party; broadlyone who refuses to go along with everyone else.

(synonyms include: drag, killjoy, spoil sport, wet blanket…or grinch and Scrooge, if one is a holiday party pooper)


Definition of a Tea Party Pooper: a person who POOS on the legacy of the traditional, moderate Republican Party that consisted of and presently consists of such notables as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Buddy Roemer, George Pataki, John Huntsman, Olympia Snowe, Lisa Murkowski, Jeb Bush, Colin Powell, Bob Dole, and John McCain,…to name a few; AND perverts their party into one that REFUSES to join in the fun of the party; and REFUSES to go along with everyone or anyone else – and REFUSES  to cooperate with anyone who is moderate and reasonable and REFUSES to cross party lines in order to compromise and go about the business of getting the nation’s work done.

❤ and Peace, Bootstrap Democrat


Justme says:

You left out Debbie Downer.

I thought about that!

Chris says:

Your “Tea Party Pooper” definition is awesome and completely apt! I would make one small point though – Jeb Bush was not exactly “moderate”. He spent his time as our Governor attempting to privatize pretty much everything that happens in our state, including correctional facilities and education. In fact, he left our educational system in such a shambles down here that the after effects are being felt by our teachers and students to this day. I agree with all the other people you put on your list, but – as a Floridian who had to have that guy messing with us for years – I gotta say Jeb is not one of my favorite human beings.

Ironically, my husband and I have been thinking of transitioning to the Florida area (beaches on the brain), but the more we are learning about Florida and how it seems to be going backwards the more hesitant we become (although it doesn’t seem to be as bad as North Carolina and Arizona!)…thanks for the perspective.

Chris says:

Yeah, there are definitely worse places than Florida (NC and AZ as you mentioned, and OK and TN are all just a bit more batshit crazy than we are, for now). Not that it comforts me all that much to know we’re a little better than Arizona, of course…that’s a pretty low bar to clear!

Also one more thing. I am with the Mad Hatter on this one although I have to reverse the words just a little…….It’s a very unmerry unbirthday to us all. The tea is unservable.

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